Sunday, March 26, 2017

Confidently at your BEST this Summer. SkinStation's Summer Must-Haves

Summer must-haves is very important so you can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays - flaunt your asset and confidently at your best this summer. Why not Invest with beauty products available in the market so you wont regret skin damages in the future. Our skin is like a mirror that reflects our personality. I have my own top beauty picks this Summer that you might want to try!

Benefits of Facial Mists

  • Instant coolness - with the climate that we have in the Philippines, facial mist can cool, give you a glowing skin and hydrates skin deep. It will leave you refresh up until the afternoon. Not only that will give you that cooling effect but also it moisturize because it has a revitalizing bamboo water and it brightens the skin tone through Schnewhite extract from mushroom. perfect partner with your makeup and helps you de-stress at work. It is said to be the Skin care on the Go. 
  • Anti-ageing
  • Antioxidant
  • Whitening ingredients
Facial Mists are exclusively available in all Blushing Beauty and SkinStation branches nationwide. It comes with 4 variants and scents:

  1. Chamomile
  2. Lavender
  3. Green Clover
  4. Rose
Sun Protection 

Staying too long under the sun can make your skin dry,haggard and damaged. Protect your skin from head to toe with Dermax UV Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50+. It provides sun protection for oily,acne prone and sensitive skin. It has a Milky touch formula with water-burst technology that leaves a cooling burst of moisture on your skin. Also available UV Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+PA that is safe for babies 6 months and UV Active Sunscreen For those with active lifestyle. 

Cream VS Serum.... What's best to Use?

In my teen days, for a long time I use cream based moisturizers but with the humid environment and a tropical country like ours,  heavy creams can actually clog pores and not good for those with oily skin. I've seen positive results with Serums ever since it was Introduced in the market. Innovations with beauty products seems to have a positive feed backs from consumers. Serums is lightweight and has high concentration of potent and active ingredients  that is more effective. 

I use MAXI-LIGHT Serum after cleansing the face AM/PM. It has a intensive whitening formulation to lighten skin discolorations. exclusively available in all Blushing Beauty and SkinStation branches nationwide. 

SkinStation opened its newest branch in 5th Floor Cinema Level, Lucky China Town, Binondo Manila, Last March 25, 2017. they already opened 36 branches in the Philippines and will open more soon to address the growing skin care needs of urban sophisticates all over the country.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The 11th edition of Belle De Jour Power Planner 2017 + A GIVEAWAY

I love organizing everything and  Its easier to start the day. You get to plan ahead, be productive and probably you will not waste TIME. a lot of times people would say that not planning or setting goals is more exciting. But how can that be exciting if you are not prepared with things that matter like saving money for future use or rundown of everything. I just don't get it. It doesn't work to me that way. It's very important that you know your goals in life, and most importantly always be on top of your Game.

I've been a BDJ Girl since 2012 and since then I always have my Planners with me, their with me wherever I go. what I love about Belle De Jour Power Planner there are over 100 pages of organizing goodness in style. A perfect planner that will help you organizing your goals in life.

 Monthly Pages that you can use to write down important to do lists

You can asses and can easily track down your finances with the Bills Tracker. In that way you will learn how to manage your hard earned money and monitor your finances. 

You can even write a letter for yourself. Somehow a reminder that you can be at your very best in every goal that you want to pursue. That you can be someone, a better version of yourself!

Perks of a BELLA probably one of the most kilig perks I must say that you can avail for a planner. You can have your own Lifestyle Card that can be use to have a discount to their partner brands, Earn points to have a freebies plus Inclusive of the #PerksOfABella coupon booklet. 

 They're not only a Planner but also a community were they put up an event like talks and sessions. a venue were all women and also men perhaps get together in one special event to inspire and empower more women today. to know more about Belle De Jour Power Planner Visit and get yourself your own Planner in Style. 

I'll be having a fun little contest and I'm Giving Away A BDJ Planner ( This isn't a SPONSORED Giveaway

To enter A BDJ Planner Giveaway all you got to do is check out the mechanics on my IG Account and follow instructions....

(1) One Winner of BDJ Planner... I'll be picking a random winner on March 31, 2017 around noon.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Soleil et Lune's ''Bridget'' ~ The newest fragrance from the Beauty Mission

Oftentimes we choose a fragrance that would fit our lifestyle. A unique kind of smell that would last during the day until night and completes your outfit. Soleil et Lune, the newest fragrance from the Beauty Mission making It’s name in the fragrance industry. 

* Bridget  *

One that I tried is Bridget!The thing that interest me not only the scent but also the bottle & the packaging. It is being labelled as sexy, fruity essence while maintains a sweetly floriental. 

Soleil et Lune fragrances has a good quality about it. As I spray it twice it compliments the mood, your personality, its mild, its smells expensive,elegant and that stands out for me. It last about two to three hours and warms your senses. This sophisticated Perfume and Chic packaging of Soleil et Lune will capture the uniqueness in you like a uplifting smell of sunshine. 

It’s handy you can bring it with you and easy to put inside your pouches, perfect for any special occasions and the fragrance itself will completes your everyday style. Soleil et Lune is available at Firma in Greenbelt 3. 

Yes, we all know that a perfume completes your wardrobe. That’s a given, right? But did you know that Soleil et Lune, the newest fragrance from The Beauty Mission, completes your everyday style from day to night? You can even put one of its three fragrances on top on another because Soleil et Lune is so versatile. Perfect for a tropical weather like ours ~ Soleil et Lune

Try the three everyday luxury spray bottles:

BridgetSimone and Audrey fragrances. Visit or seekt to order online. 

know more about Soleil et Lune 

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Facebook: Soleil et Lune


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Secrets that lead to a Happy & Fulfilling Life

As I live my life in the pursuit of happiness, I stop for a moment and it lead me to the wonders of wandering. trying to figure out what's more important. One of them is the word '' Love'' and ''Sacrifice''.

When you become a mother,you would know what I mean. that you are no longer the center of your universe.Last year for me was the toughest time of my life, The hardest decision I made. I let my child go with his dad in another country in Abu Dhabi,UAE far away from me. Back then I had my doubts but for the sake of my child, It was his future that I think of the most. He was very young, his only 8 and now he is enjoying every moment of his life there and definitely he misses me and I miss him too!

 Every time we talk on Skype or in Facebook, all he brag about his recent adventures, Travels, what he ate this morning, what toy his Aunties and his Dad bought for him and dream about travelling the world. even bragging about the stamps on his passport. He is full of life, hopes and dreams, and I could't take that away from him. Sometimes when people ask questions of how I make decisions like that, I really don't expect much to people to understand me like I have to explain my part because only I and God knows everything. I'm talking about simply being a mum and I'm proud of many things and I'm truly blessed.

My mother always say that I'm one of the most resilient woman she knows, because even if I have a stressful and bad day, I'm able to bounce back, becoming strong, healthy and lively after a storm. I have the capacity to wake up each morning like its okay. that i sustain my well being in the midst of everything. I'm strong as a rock!

Sometimes in the moment of self doubt I always don't see that as a bad thing, whats more important is how you get up each time you fall. work hard and make it successful. That it's okay to get hurt sometimes. because being hurt is sometimes our great teacher. Be creative and allow the abundance of the universe.

After being bent,Its never too late to be in our original form and be better, call it resilient, able to withstand. know the reason why you wake up each morning, find your (IKIGAI) from the Japanese word that means the reason why you wake up. My son is my IKIGAI, the reason why I'm still alive who I treasure in my heart. others it may be your friend, meeting for a common purpose. Friend Power is Stronger than Will Power.

I cant wait to see my son again, I'm dreaming for that day but for now I will continue what God wants me to do. That is to be better than I used to be. I'll continue and finish my studies, A business to build with my mom's help I called #ProjectHappiness very soon.

I did't stop wondering for what lies ahead. Wake up like its a new beginning. Its the wonders of wandering. lastly Lets all not forget to say our Thanks to God. because God only allows everything for a purpose not to hurt us but to make us better. If we just let him maneuver our lives and he will show you! That's the secret to a happy & fulfilling Life!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#Skinvesting with The Best Organic Face Moisturizer: Luminisce Pure Olives & Wild Berries

 The most important thing about taking good care of your skin aside from cleansing our face with mild and gentle cleansers and toners, we absolutely need to nourish it with a good kind of moisturizer. Just like our hair that needs conditioners to soften our mane, our skin specially our face also need some nourishing too. why do we need to moisturize our skin? because skin can look dry when the skin's barrier that protects is compromise. bad things will happen on your skin and it could lead to visible fine lines and wrinkles can get even worse. Dehydrated skin may look dull and look older than your age.

Lately, there are lots of well known face moisturizer available in the market. I tried too many creams and serums but not satisfied with any of those. But the search isn't over! I tried the Brightening face moisturizer from Luminisce and currently getting good results. 

In just two weeks of using Pure Olives & Wild Berries brightening face moisturizer, I was surprise with how my expectations exceeded. I guess to many products that i used for years before i see the result but with this one - it just two weeks my face looks fresh everyday, It brightens and its Glowing. I don't need to put foundation or BB cream anymore. just the face moisturizer alone and your ready to go because it has SPF already. Even your out the moisturizer will give you a dewy look.

It will leave your skin fruity fresh, Its 100% certified Organic and definitely the most healthy line of face moisturizer available only at Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic. located at the 2nd floor of Mercury Drug Building, 32nd street,4th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City. 

Vlogging about this great product. Please Watch the full video on my YouTube Channel:

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Daily health & beauty routine that works to me and might work to YOU!

There are many ways - a daily skin routine that works to us but not everyone has the same skin type. Reality check, moms like me try to maintain a certain budget for personal needs. true enough that there are many fancy skincare on the market today that are too expensive but doesn't guarantee you that flawless skin you dreamed of. I still believe in other options, effective and I guarantee you the big difference after you do this on a daily basis.

Other options like skin regimen that you can see within your house. If you want a naturally beautiful skin, you might want to try my daily skin routine. perhaps you have to think twice before buying a product that is not within your budget or maybe save it to other skin products that really works on you for years. Its not wrong to desire of buying a known brand or just because its popular and its new in the market, what's important is to know first if this product suits your skin type. its very important that you know what your skin needs not because its a popular brand. Remember know your skin type first before you buy these products.

I notice some skin problems after I gave birth in the year of 2008. One of these are skin discoloration which is very normal for newly moms, my pores got more visible reason for having pimples and blackheads and acne scars makes it look even worst and worst each time i try to prick it all by myself which is a big No. You can't prick acne's all by yourself, a Derma doctor once told me it can irritate the skin specially if the tool that you are using or with your bare hands that is not well sanitized . a bacteria might get in your skin and worst it can permanently damaged your skin.

One tip that I can share are from reading through the net or published articles in health wise, you should also first consult on reliable Derma Doctors that has a year and year of  practice on their field. because they know better, published health articles digital or books and news on tv are also good for additional reference.


Sometimes the reason why we are DOWN or feel sluggish It's because of what we eat and drink ( Chemical Intake) daily. and then we blame it in our Faith, other people when life is actually beautiful . Galaw Galaw din minsan. EXERCISE can actually help you boost your energy, a clearer skin, when you exercise your body releases chemicals called ENDORPHIN, its also good on your sanity - the ability to think and behave normal and rational behavior. It make sense right? The journey of Our Body is HOLISTICALLY good for you!

My Daily Beauty Regimen to a naturally BEAUTIFUL SKIN
  •  I tried the best that I could to visit my favorite derma clinic as possible as every two (2) weeks to closely evaluate my skin and give a specific treatment needed for the skin. Why two weeks? not only derma doctors recommended week of visit because here in the Philippines we have a tropical weather.with a tropical weather  and polluted air here in the Metro, we easily get acne's and other skin problems and Asian women majority has a oily skin type. Visiting a Derma Clinic is also a great way to start your acne regimen. If your way to busy to visit a derma clinic every two weeks, I suggest you do these simply regimen  without leaving the comforts of your home. not only these simply regimens but also these awesome beauty products that I love and very effective as well.

  •  Cleansing your face with HYPOALLERGENIC Skin products such as Physiogel Daily Moisture Dermo Cleanser this product really works to me and as daily as possible is very important. why Hypoallergenic products? because it implies sensitivity. skin like mine has to use only these kind of products because it can't harm my skin. it has a specially formulation intended for a certain skin type and also suitable for baby skin.leave no room for dirt on your face because acne and blackheads can easily get into our skin. You do this the first thing in the morning and in the evening. If your always on the go, you can always bring it with you. 

  • Wonders of Ice cubes on the face works to me! I added Ice cube regimen 2 times daily for coolness and minimizing the pores. Take some ice cubes on your face can actually reduce the pores, Ice cube also prevented excess oil on the face. excess oil causes acne and lead to breakouts. This gives you a cooling effect and offers instant relief. My BeautyTip: Get 1 Ice cube and wrapped it with a clean cloth and massage it on your face. don't massage the ice cube directly on your may damage the delicate capillary in the skin.
  •  After the Ice cube regimen, Toning is considered an important part of the cleansing process. Why we do these? Its because a good toner HELPS and removes every bit of dirt and oil left behind. I use Blushing Beauty's Whitening Facial Toner.  Personally Its mild and gentle to use. What I love about it is it has Micellar Water formulation that provides the power of cleansing while being gentle and mild to the skin.
  •  For the lips try to moisturize it with my favorite clear lip balm from Blushing Beauty. it perfectly blends well with any lipstick. Its cute,trendy and comes in strawberry flavor.
  •  Eye Cream and Wrinkle Cream ~ the reason why we have a dry and dark circles under the eye its because of dehydration. not taking much fluid causes dark discoloration. A good eye cream is also important to add on our regimen is a must. preferably I put an aye cream and wrinkle cream in the evening. 

  • My skin type is a combination of Oily and if the weather is a bit cold it tends to be Dry. having that same type of skin and looking for the right skin product is hard to find. Plus you want to brighten up a bit or put a glow on your skin.I always go for a brand of moisturizer that would give a glow as it moisturize at the same time. Luminisce, a Skin & Laser Centre at BGC offers a holistic skin innovations that provides wellness, beauty, and body care through premium and innovative skin treatments,services,try and tested skin products. If your looking for a worthy investment in skin Luminisce Hypoallergenic products is the one to try. 
  • Pure Olives & Wild Berries Brightening Face Moisturizer  My beauty Tip: to add more cooling effect before applying the cream in to your face place it on a cold storage preferable in the Ref, leave it there for an hour  or two ( Not in the Freezer) then you can now apply directly on your face. Do this and it will leave you refreshed. 
  • As I tried these products for 3 days now since the day I purchase it ~ both moisturizer and the facial Mist has a GOOD effect on my face. What I did was I applied the Luminisce  moisturizer in the evening after all the cleansing and toning, and I use Botanical Facial Mist ONLY in the Morning. even without wearing a make-up during the day, the facial mist will give you a natural glow and dewy look. the fruit,flower essence and organic herb distillates to soothe all SKIN TYPES. It also has anti oxidant properties of Mulberry and skin loving treatment from Niacinamide Vit B3 These are the WONDERS of Cucumber & Mulberry Botanical Facial Mist also the newest from Luminisce.  ~ 
I will have a separate product review on Luminisce Pure Olives & Wild Berries Brightening Face Moisturizer. I will have a before and after photo so you can see the difference. 

  • Last but not the least...Don't forget to apply Sunscreen in the Morning TO PROTECT your skin from UV rays that causes premature aging of the skin.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Get my secret to nourished hair with Moringa O2 Herbal Hair care system

Last year with so many happenings, everyone's going gaga over the news even in the magazine and Internet of what's trendy today. new hair styles and color that would suit our complexion and enhance our confidence. I admit that i had to try one of these latest hair treatments. But then I realize that we should also maintain and buy hair products that will revitalized our hair from frequent blowdry, ironing and hair color. I noticed that everytime I have my hair change color, it damages my hair and harder to managed. Changing color makes it look even dry and It also weakened the hair. In reality we don't have the time and the budget for maintaining it. Not everyone would have a certain budget for their personal needs.

Hair care products are popping everywhere but we want to look for a certain product that would give us a long term benefits and absolutely all natural for our hair.

I was surprise that i finally discover a complete hair care system not only that its natural, it has a herbal essences a shampoo and conditioner has. One of these essence is the Argan Oil. It is the most commonly used to moisturize softens and hydrate skin. With its high Vitamin E content, Moringa O2 hair care system products is the perfect all natural product that revitalize and strengthens the hair.

For best result I apply my favorite Moringa O2 Herbal hair serum with Argan oil  for a more natural boost. What I Love about this serum is It absorbs easily by pouring 3 to 4 drops on your palm and gently apply it on your hair and it instantly smoothens and control frizz. You will surely love its scent as well as the shampoo and conditioner plus non-irritating, which makes it a great natural hair product. 

Moringa O2 Herbal Hair Care Products has very rich in anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals plus a nature's multi vitamins of Malunggay (Moringa).  These essential are needed for additional care as it revitalize and reduces hair fall.

Moringa O2 Herbal Hair Care products are available in all leading stores and Beauty outlets near you.

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